Whether you’re needing a little pamper & time-out for you.. or looking for an instant face pick-me-up we’ve got just the treatment for you.

Your personalised prescription facial will be created just for you, for your needs & your desired results.

Using a range of ingredients, including AHA’s & BHA’s (they’re the healthy skin acids) we will create a blend to help you with:

- Skin Brightening & Pigmentation

- Clearing Acne & Blemishes

- Healthy Hydration

- Active Anti-Ageing



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Face Peel Results

Our selection of face peels are carefully selected to suit your individual needs & skin goals.

A chemical peel is the application of a solution or a mix of solutions with the intent of causing a controlled response. Also known as a chemical exfoliation, the underlying skin cells and congestion are being targeted. The depth of this response will depend upon a number of factors.

In most cases all of our clients will be commenced on our super gentle AHA Enzyme Peel, whereby no downtime & most likely no signs of peeling skin will appear. Pure skin indulgence and an undeniable glow, whilst creating a cleansed environment for new and healthy skin cells to emerge is our goal.

Depending on your skin concerns we will prescribe a Peel Treatment Plan with your skin goal results in mind. All results take time,  we anticipate a skin change with a course of a minimum of 3 face peel treatments. We may also suggest other treatment modalities in conjunction with your face peels.

There are many depths of peels, from superficial to deep (resurfacing). Your comfort and safety is our main concern, therefore we shall cover all aspects of pre and post care during your initial skin consultation.

With education, home care and a plan our peels are a fabulous treatment option for skin concerns including:

- Acne & Blemishes

- Pigmentation & Melasma

- Fine Lines & Wrinkles

- Congestion

- Combination skin types (dry & oily patches)


We recommend our clients to take a moment to enjoy a face peel at the turn of each season - as our skin conditions change throughout the year, it’s the perfect skin treat to keep you glowing.

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Rapidly becoming known as the holy grail of skin treatments.

Skin needling, also known as microneedling is performed using an electronic pen device. A sterile chamber of micro needles are attached to the pen which is carefully glided over the skin to achieve a controlled skin trauma...

But why would you want to incur trauma..??

We know, it sounds strange to want to create a so called ‘skin trauma’. But it’s what flows on from the treatment room that shows us the rationale for such.

The purpose of skin needling is to induce growth factors living within the skins structures. It’s this that in fact re-engagaes or increases our collagen and elastin cells (which are the main players responsible in ageing concerns), as well as also targeting our melanocyte cells (responsible for pigmentation concerns).

Does it hurt?

We aim to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, for this reason we use a topically applied numbing cream. The forehead is treated first, as this is usually the most sensitive area. Our clients report the treatment as feeling ‘prickly’ sensation in certain areas but well worth the results - the treatment itself is over in around 10 minutes.

Our Registered Nurse - Sarah performs all of our skin needling procedures, so rest assured you are in wonderful, safe hands.

Is there downtime?

Anticipate to feel and look a little sunburnt immediately after treatment, this will settle within around 24 hours. You will then likely feel quite dry and have some mild skin flaking. Mineral make-up can be used for the following days after treatment.

You will likely have an undeniable glow around 10-14 days after treatment.

As always, your before and after skin needling care will be addressed during your skin consultation.

We anticipate a noticeable change in the skin characeristics with this treatment, we call it the ‘Skin Reset’ for a reason, however, a prescribed course of treatments is always advised for results driven skincare.

Skin needling is an amazing treatment for most skin concerns and a wonderful prevention treatment.


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Immediately After Skin Needling